What began as a group of people with a common interest in model railroading meeting at hobby shops in 1974 eventually grew to an established nonprofit, but we needed a name. One of the first orders of business was establishing an organization newsletter called The Whistle Post. The posts took the form of a history of the fictitious Neuse River Valley Railroad. The railroad followed the route of the North Carolina Railroad between Durham and Morehead City.

The goal was to establish what the railroad was so that we could model it. We established colors, paint schemes, lettering, and so forth. A roster of locomotives and rolling stock was set up. This imaginative project was the impetus for the name of the club, and we still go by The Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club today.

Many of the founding members are still part of the club today as we’ve grown to about 50 members ranging in age from 12 to 90!


When the club first started, the purpose was no greater than to connect over model railroads. Throughout the years, we’ve discovered our purpose is much greater. In addition to providing opportunities for the interchange of information about railroads and their practices, the NRVMRC:

  • fosters camaraderie in families through a common interest
  • provides opportunities for leadership development through active participation in organizational events
  • promotes greater fellowship between those interested in railroads, railroading and modeling
  • promotes constructive use of leisure time
  • provides young people an opportunity to learn values, respect for others property, and high standards of craftsmanship.
  • Informs and educate the public of the value of railroads and the hobby of model railroading
  • Provides for the construction and operation of a model railroad layout
Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club Track
Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club Track

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse is available to all members of NRVMC. We have scales in each of the major model gauges and a library of over 2,350 titles that include information and history on actual railroads as well as information on model railroads. We also have a workshop that members can utilize to build their own models if they don’t have the space or resources at home.


The club library consists of a collection of over 2,530 titles covering many railroads and all facets of model railroading. Over 12,000 copies of railroad and model railroad magazines are also in the collection. These include complete sets of Trains, Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, Mainline Modeler and many others. There are also many historical society publications. The library is open to all for use in research for modeling projects or for prototype information. Senior members may check out books for use at home. Magazines are not allowed to leave the library but a copy machine is available.

Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club Library
Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club Workshop


A modest wood shop is available for member use. A bandsaw, sander, drill press, etc. as well as work bench space is contained in the shop. The power tools are connected to a dust collection system. Assorted hand tools are provided. Safety goggles or glasses are recommended when working in the shop. Please clean up your mess after you finish.

Contact Us

To learn more about the NRV Model Railroad Club, please call us at 919-400-5570. Visit us at 1615 Old Louisburg Rd. Raleigh, NC 27604